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16 March, 2012

Saber Leopardess: New Inside Looks

Hello everyone, sorry for the Delay of three weeks, had some 29 "issues" needing (Neutralizing!)  Now that I'm here I will more than make up for the lagg. This Blogg will have in excess of 50+ photos/ and art pics:

Oh another thing you do not know about me, is that I was in WWII, served all 6 years 1939 to '45 late.  There will be aerial photographs of me in action in this blogg. I helped the allies defeat the Nazis and the other axis powers. I helped out in Europe and over in the pacific theater's. How you say could this be possible with such extreme time differentials, well thats my little secret! I'm still 14/15, but I've been around much longer than most on earth can even comprehend, well before time ever existed for the human race, before earth was ever created, or your known solar system/ or universe!

Okhay now, here we go, hang on to your fur! Oh be sure to read any and all captions under each pic, as it says the whole story, not just whats being said in the pic/ or photograph.
(AF= Air Force) (BG= Bomber Group)

WWII is a full part of my history with the USAF/USAAF/RAF/ RAAF.
I served with the 8th AF BG, 9th AF BG, 509th AF BG and so on. I helped be an important part of history now DECLASSIFIED, for your eyes! All photos are as they were taken, color was rare in those days, but moms camera did it well, it was my FujiFilm FinePix S2940WM, I've had it for some time! as it served 6 years in WW II, as I was in this time so long ago~ Below is the first photo of me in action:
Death of an ME-410 German Fighter Attack aircraft as I destroy it from 350 yards using my 23mm cannon, the lit up puffs are the high explosive armor piercing 23mm cannon rounds striking the aircraft it went down in smoke and flames, there were NO parachutes of the two men to be seen, as they were likely killed as I raked thier aircraft: 
The smoke puffs around the B-17G Flying Fortresses, are from unguided , proximity fused rockets, fired by the enemy German aircraft, to destroy the American B-17's, non were lost this day in 1943:
 Two more ME-410's were destroyed in the lower left corner of this pic as my 23mm cannon tear into them both. So I had three kills to my credit, I then went on with this 8th AF BG to bomb German military targets. 1943.
Mom lion got off good shots of the whole incident!
Me seen here at 25,000 feet as an Enemy German factory burns below after being bombed by us. Were on our way home, B-24 Liberators were the accompaniment. 1944. Along with me I give full credit to the hero's of WWII and my self for helping in thier cause!
Ok the WWII photo's are done for now: More next time in my Blogg:
Now photos of home and art I've drawn:
My head and semi body forming in thin air up on the ceiling, as mom takes the shot with my FujiFilm!
Notice as my highly energized particles and dark mater form. 
Also note the partial head and ear of another of my big cat anthro family is seen just below the camera~
  Black Hole created for my fun, as I tinker with this stuff in my room. I'm in the mix of it all as my form is seen!  
 me sleeping in one of my orbs as I float in the air in my room, my form seen inside it.
As the pic above I drew said with lyrics from Marilyn Manson's song (Kaboom Kaboom), Love Me Or die? Its not Complicated. Oh dont mind the blood splashes on the wall, just part of my natural leopardess processes!
my semi-white jean skirt back side, after washing it, dont mind the blood, its just naturally part of my normal functions, when being "Loved".
Front side of my jean skirt, as it got splashed there too!
Front of my blue jean shorts, as they are a size 2, a bit huge on my thin tall little 65 pound leopard girl body! I sewed/patched a hole underneath as you can see the white patch of heavy PVC vinyl on the undersides.
 close up of same pic, they are actually washed, so whats left is just remains of my blood stains and such.
back view of my jeans as the PVC patch is seen. I sewed in on good as so it wont come off!
My Lee 1980's jeans another different pair, also washed/clean what blood is left is older stains! But I have quite a few jeans!
they are a size 0, still way too big on me, I cannot keep them on/up, so I use a belt!
My OutLander Kill sheet, I'm known in TLK circles for RP killing pridelanders, I still am too!
"Bad Boys Bad boys What'cha Gonna Do, What'cha Gonna Do When She Comes For You?!"
Yeah I always get my Man, or Girl!
If you've been bad, I'll find you! We can go "Easy"
or "Hard" *giggles leopardy tongue in cheek**
Below are two pics from my deceased Half  Human Bro's history, as he collected them. This's just two of them!

Christopher Howard Otte, Born 1977 Died 10/Sep/2003, of "Natual" causes. he was 26 yrs old.
He thought he literally was a "Jaguar", but wasnt, he was in  and out of mental hospitals most if not all is life: He infact legend has it in 1992 late, he was put for 90 days observation/mandatory, in a hospital in Omaha Nebraska, St. Josephs Hospital, on the adolescent ward, he would have been 15, at the time. Well as the story goes 10 days into his forced stay/committal, he broke out a 10th story window on the upper floor of his room, cutting the steel screen with a heavy cutter, as his roommate also escaped with him, a known gang member of the area. He had tied sheets together, then secured them, escaping out with his roommate, the window during a snow storm. I heard this story from peoples in York Nebraska, and my family, it is true.
He was never found/captured back, as an APB was issued by Omaha PD & York PD, as he was considered very violent/dangerous, was not above killing a person, to keep free.
He also later went to a place called Epworth Village in York Nebraska for schooling for the mentally ill, as I indicated in the pic! feel free to call them, they will tell you so much more!~

Scanned pic of his "fantasy self", as he tried faking the pic to pass it off as him in this form. 
Some in York Nebr actually believe it, as he used to go to Harrison Park in York Nebr, as he marked his turf, as he said it in his journals. He used his bodily things to do it with! He took him self deadly serious, no body questioned him as he was well known for severely beating/mauling anyone who did, as he mentioned in his diary's. Little did he know that he'd have later a little sis me, as an actual anthro leopardess, too bad he died! Mom didnt want me around him, as Chris had to GO! Funny the York Co Coroner's office as they say it was Natural causes, but I wonder sometimes?? As mom lion strongly skirts the question when I ask how he actually died. she is tight lipped about his death!
Below are home pictures and so on.
Scullyiza/Elizabeth, she mailed this pic to me in York Nebr in 2005. We are close. Scully if you can read this, hope you like it, its just for you!
Pic I did of me, as my style changed.the sayings I quoted are of what locals have said to, about me. I dont mind!
My Tigress form, I tested it out, it came out very nice! Still modifying today 2012:
My form drawn as I was modifying my art style, Scullyiza inspired this!
Partly colored, Scullyiza inspired this creation, as I had shape shifted into it, then drew it! Scully love, you are mentioned on the gold tail rings, its the one on the left; I dont usually put some one on one of them, but you have more than earned a spot there! Its an exceptional occasion when I do this, I ONLY do it for those most close to me.

 Rating an noted comments from me on my ever changing art style! My "Love Tentacles shown, this is how they IRL look, as  have over 12 of them in my leopardy bodd, one in each arm/paw as they come out of the paw pads, and one in each lower back paw, same as front paws, also four under inside me and four more in my chest. They are 25.86 feet long fully extended! They can kill, too!

Aptly named "Booby Route 65", as the censored comic of me and Scullyiza is shown. I did this a long while back!
red stains are blood spray from me in 2009.
Pic drawn of me inflight over mountainous terrain. TCAS(Terrain Collision Avoidance System) I had that too!
I tend to fly this way too, giving my bio wings a break!
My tigress form, still tinkering with it!

*lol* yeah on Torra 990 I was an aircraft sales girl Rep. I hmmm shall we say, I used my better parts to sell aviation, I was a top earner too!
Pic inspired by it. My old school look too.

My 42 LB (pound) solid platinum diamond scull I bought, its a full sized, RL human scull!
 My huge Star Ruby, as I have this in my gem collections.

M platinum leopard/sapphire diamond pendant, given as a gift to me, from an admirer.
 Aussie South Sea Pearl Necklace, all are natural, non cultured:

My Aussie South Sea Natural Pearl Necklace.
My Blue diamond, not the biggest though in my collections of gems.
My huge ruby necklace, natural Burma(Myanmar) Ruby with diamonds, 24 inches around!
Burma ruby in this huge solid platinum lionesses head ring.
Huge blue diamond/white diamond platinum ring! not the biggest blue diamond in my gem collections, either.
My egg inside me mom photographed specially to see inside of me. this was Krystall Sereenah Sharry Kora III, inside me growing.
 Semi colored pic of me, as my art was/is changing, getting sooo much better!
The pic statement in it, says it all!
Pic of me, as I tinker with my art style, as it changes.
Worm hole created by me in my room a few days ago! I can go to anywhere at any time sequence past or present! I do this all the time!

 Pic drawn of my self, the title, says all it needs: "No More Tears": , By Ozzy Osbourne:

June 17th 2010, Minnesota Tornado outbreak, a bad day for many. This EF3 narrowly missed the town of Holland, Minnesota. I took this shot and the next several at about 3/4th's of a mile!
Minnesota EF3, shot 2.
Minnesota EF3, Shot 3.
Mt. Hood, in Washington State. one of several, as I was in the air drifting at 12,500 ft up, as I took this shot of a huge wave cloud atop the mountain.
Shot 2. Mt. Hood.
Shot 3. Mt. Hood
Shot 4. Mt. Hood.
Second version of the older one I drew. Much nice, full color. Scullyiza, you helped me on this one, little do you know, as I drew this after I shape shifted into it, IRL!
My self as usual, in the art pic recreation. 
Fully colored.
"In Demand", good word for me! As my body weight of then 67 pounds was tuned into what it would equal in gemstone carat weight! as I'm now 65 pounds.
Pic of me outside our home back in February 2012. My energy form I love to do!
as I drift down stairs in my blue energy form~
Energy form outside of my room, to your right.
my [parents] room behind me, left.
Mithril, you too helped indirectly, so credit to you! I did this, love how it came out!
My momma lioness! at age 40, she's now near 47 this June 16th, she looks NO different!

My business cards! Photo's of the RL me on them. 
Another of my many business cards, peoples her grabbed them up faster than I could make'em, photographs of the RL me on them.  I gave out over 808,163 of them.
 Third type of business card! Gave them out for free, was too easy! RL life photo's  
of me on them!

Well everyone I'm done for now. Gotta Go~
Read well! Save/keep the pics!

Saber Girl~