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24 February, 2012

Saber Leopardess: On the Inside Cont~

Music: DEPECHE MODE- "World In My Eye's"

Hello Comrades, Yes its time to take another look inside my room, and life as I/you now know it! Today there will be over 27 photo's!
So, lets get started! h I'd let you guys leave comments, but I dont have the time to answer 97078080789 questions about all the awesome stuff I put in my Blogger!

My room facing the East, dont mind the energy streamers, they are just from me and who ever else is in there with me!
Shelly my leopardess plush, sitting in my chair energy streaming off of her body.
 Shelly from another perspective! She is pretty! wearing my jean skirt and sweatshirt top, I made! Dont mind the blood streaks or stains, its just how I am as a female maschina Lyeoparda!
Was a busy leopardess in 2010, as I was making art and changing my style as you will see in the series of photos. The pictures were too big to scan as they are 26x36 so I used my FujiFilm to capture them.
Nicely laid out on my floor! War requiem on my planet Torra, by me, as I can remember it as yesterday. I called this pic, "End Of Grace", was because of an incident that happened to me in the war on Torra 990. I want everyone, especially those from Lilymud and other furs to understand, that war did unthinkable things to me, as did the enemy when they captured me for well over 13 months, it changed who I was/am, made me different, as I have been so so misunderstood, as my actions have confused and bewildered many, including my friends. I understand thier backing away from me, but I'm not a bad leopardess machine, I'm just different due to what has happened to me. All I want is to be loved~ I miss that, so so so so much!
 Lifting a leg or so, this one came out nice! as I'm wearing my pink PVC thong, to keep it PG-13~
pic I drew of me and mom! I love making family portraits.
My Torrean family is important to me!
Pic I drew of my self, oh the reddish stain is blood from me, but I wiped off most of it.
 Pic of me again using different style!

Pic of me in a PVC bikini top as I look nice~
Yes, as the title goes, "An Uncertain Future In Her Eyes", my mommy lions eyes, she was/is always worried for me, as she knows too all too well how things are with me.
Me in water color, as I dabbled in it, still do~
Me in water color, as is seen.
Motherhood expressed in water color, as I'm the momma leopardess of now 13 cubs. Very Fitting of me~ 
Written in Torrean text. 
Me eating a rabbit in water color, as I did that day, in our back yard I spied on in my sights, I pounced, killed and ate it. then like ant Torrean Warrioress I painted my experience in water color, to celebrate it, as I'm the great huntress!~
A poem I did with calligraphy pens and water color~
 New husband No.2 is near arrival, I sensed him, so i expressed it, in pen line art. Taughbahh came 6 months later.
Me and a friend together.
Me in a pose, drew this one from a pic that had been taken of me IRL.

Below are set II, this is of some art and mostly gem stones, I own/have in my collection!
Art Pic drawn of me doing what I do every day, in my home as is described in the art pic drawn.
Nice pic of a blue diamond  I bought some time ago in 2010: 
Same blue diamond set in its original necklace, now:
This huge 1,915.881 carat white diamond, was fun to buy this one~
Another huge diamond crystal as I was sniffing around in Africa, found it and took it back to my home base, at 39,000 feet at mach 63.81!
my 6,094.22+ carat yellow diamond crystal, which I bought.
5,727.91 carat yellow diamond crystal, I bought.
This concludes my gemstone photos, of diamonds I own, thats the very short of a very long list! Next below is one from my inside room.
energy flare, as I stand and make it happen!

Well everyone I must go, that is all for now!
Next week/Friday same time, it will be, my room and "things":

Love You All~ <3