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17 February, 2012

Inside Saber Leopardess:

Hi everyone, ahh yes, its that time again, but this time my comrades in fur, you'll get to see INSIDE my Bed Room:

All Photos Were Taken With My FujiFilm S2940WM
FinePix Camera:

Room photo one:
Photo of my room with me sitting into the floor, as my high energy glows off my body!

  Above is my room looking nice and well kept, as I'm a fastidious little Saber Leopardess: My drawing desk, as is facing the north wall.
My front door of my room, its is decorated as is the entire room/floor.
  My East wall/area shown. Looks like my new white lioness Cherry in the lower left corner! Hmmm I can tell you that behind that Tiger throw curtain , is more than 329.53 tons of jewelry, gold bullion, platinum bullion, silver bullion, Rhodium Bullion, Palladium Bullion and Millions of assorted loose gem stones and gemstone rough. As it is a walk in closet, goes for over 245 feet long and widens to 19 feet wide beyond the covered entrance with the tiger throw.The floors are fully reinforced to hold all of that weight. You see those grey and blue storage units in my room stack neatly t the ceiling, on the right side, they too contain jewels,gems, gold and some clothing.
 Elsa my stuffed PVC lioness, all 9+ feet of her. on my new bed, as  like her to be.
No amount of gold/gems will ever buy/replace her!
I'd trade it all in with out a thought to save her! Family is first to me! And speaking of, Krystall my now 6 year old daughter is now 6 as yesterday the 16th was her birthday!

Elsa my lioness full length, except her tail, that isnt seen. Oh dont mind the bloody paw prints on my bed / or wall's as uhhmm things get excitable when love is in the air with my 18 wives and two husbands, as female leopards go.
My South East corner wall, with my floor lamps, I drew in two of my last journal pics.
That door to the right of the wolf plush is another walk in closet that goes for over 249.55 feet, widening to 24 feet width, it is filled as well with awase over 319.72 Tons of Gold, Gems, Jewels and the like, behind this door! 
The house/floors/ wall's are fully armored and reinforced to hold this enormous weight, and keep out other who might try to break into my room.

My NorthEast wall and all the things on it, my two white lionesses are seen as well,  both Cherry, and Gollmerah.
Oh my blue front room door is armored at 9.57 feet thick, weighs over 29.74 Tons, it looks unassuming, as just a plain door, thats the idea, low profile.
The hinges are fake, to make it look more ordinary, the door slides into the wall, left to right.
some of my clothes, and jeans. and skirts. they are all size 0 or smaller as an anthro leopardess/girl at 6Ft plus tall I weigh just 70 pounds with clothing on.
My two white lionesses, fairly new had them since 11 Jan, 2012:
This last photo above concludes my room tour for now: I'll show more next blogg:

a tastes of what lays in my room in those hidden closets:
My platinum, diamond, and Kashmir Sapphire leopard necklace pendant/broach. The Sapphire weighs in at 307 Carats, as the platinum leopard is over 9 ounces of pure .9999 platinum. Diamonds are VVS1 matched, as they are over 58.38 carats. Est. Low MSRP $232.61 Million USD:
My 53.69 Carat Cats Eye Columbian Emerald
18KT Gold ring: Yes Emeralds rarely can have this affect.

A collage of rings, Emerald bottom left, Sapphire top, Ruby lower right. The ruby ring is 61.08 Carats, the Emerald ring is 43.74 Carats, the Kashmir Sapphire is 75.21 Carats, all set in platinum and 18KT gold:
all white diamonds in the rings are matched IF clarity D color.

 Center is my par cut Olivine Green Diamond ring, the green diamond is 72.86 carats, is IF clarity, with matching SI1 clarity D color white diamonds totaling 22.62 carats, set in platinum.. The cushion cut yellow diamond is 109.53 carats respectively, is VS1 clarity, with good canary yellow color.
Above here is my 449 Carat VVS clarity Kashmir Sapphire, necklace pendant/ interchangeable broach. set with 30 carats of  IF clarity D/E color white diamonds.
it is bit bigger than a chicken egg for the size alone of the Kashmir sapphire.

Well everyone I have to be going, but I enjoyed sharing that with you all! ***huggles/kisses and purrsss**